ANST - Chart-Polski pups available(Rare Period Polish Sighthoundhound)

Ellen Ginden ginden at
Thu Mar 5 10:48:53 PST 1998

The lady who wrote the following missive is involved in
canine rescue. When I told her about the SCA and what we do
 she sent the following message giving us 1st chance on
this rare breed of dog.Anybody have a polish or Eastern
Eurppean persona?
I know that there has to be several of you who would want a
hand in helping to actually preserve a little bit of
history.Lady Ellen
> From: Filafriend <Filafriend at>
> Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1998 00:14:12 EST
> To: catahoularescue at
> Subject:Rare Polish sighthound breed available 
> In a message dated 98-03-04 14:51:06 EST, you write:
> << From:	catahoularescue at (Ellen Ginden)
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> ******Well Ellen,
> Guess what just fell into my lap a few hours ago. Give up
? Five,14 week 
> old
> Chart-Polski puppies. What, do l hear you are unfamiliar
with this breed 
> ?
> Well guess what, there`s a real good reason for that.
There are less 
> than 200
> of these animals left on this earth !! They are a polish
> very
> similiar to the Borzoi, but with a little less hair.
Here`s the deal on 
> these
> babies. l am buying them at a very reduced price with no
papers due to 
> the
> fact that their breeder is going on the road with a truck
driver friend. 
> To
> get this great deal, l had to take them all. l will offer
them to a pet 
> home
> for $200 adoption fee, which includes all shots, worming,
spay or 
> neuter,and
> possibly delivery. If anyone is interested in buying one
of these, l can 
> offer
> them the puppy intact with papers for $400 !!! l also
made a deal to buy 
> the
> papers if l can find a qualified home. These pups
normally sell for 
> around
> $1250 for show quality animals, and it seems that at
least 4 of them 
> qualify
> as show quality. She is just down to the wire for her
trip and 
> desperate. l
> really hate to see these pups altered because there are
so few left, but 
> my
> primary goal is for them to go to loving homes. Please
tell anyone 
> interested
> in a rare sighthound with a long history to give me a
yell. l will be 
> putting
> together an info pack ASAP for anyone interested. For the
perfect home, 
> l
> might be willing to take payments, too.   Talk soon,     
>                       Kathy Greer
>                       Filafriend at 
>                       915-928-4273
>  I can relate about lack of support.We're on our own too.
do hope that 
>  eventually to talk one or both of the catahoula
registry's and some 
>  breeders into some kind of support.That brings up agood
point if 
>  anything comes up on a catahoula in your are keep posted
on that too.I 
>  have at least one person looking right now. I'll bet
they're fairly 
>  common in your area.Ellen
>  _ >>
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