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Thu Mar 5 15:45:32 PST 1998

---Beth Zimmerman <bethzimm at> wrote:
> I'm looking for the archery marshall in either Elfsea or Stepps.
> One of the guys I work with is a SCAnadian for Antier, and
> hasn't played for about 3 years.  He wants to get involved
> again.  I'm going to drag him to an event, but he was looking for
> archery practice somewhere here in Elfsea or Stepps.
> Afrena O'Dunlaing

Afrena, the Steppes archery marshall is Corwin MacEoin, and he may
be contacted through his wife Lisette: e-dress rita at
Their voice phone (home) is 972-234-2178

Archery practice is scheduled for 10AM most Saturdays, currently
using a commercial indoor range near Jupiter & Belt Line

Apologies for not sending sooner, "I've been busy".

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