ANST - Baldar Blunts for Sale - Fiberglass Ready

James Crouchet jtc at
Fri Mar 6 11:01:37 PST 1998

I currently have 2 dozen (i.e. 24) EXTRA Baldar Blunts in hand. They 
are the special fiberglass ready heads and will not fit on a wood 
shaft. They are yellow on top with a black back (very appropriate for 
Ansteorra). I will sell these for $2 each.

If you would like some or all of these you need to call me at (512)
280-2145 to make arrangements. I am leaving for Gulf War on Tuesday
morning and I do not guarantee I will see my e-mail again before I
go, so don't try to use e-mail.

If you live close to me you could pick these heads up this weekend, 
or anyone could wait and get them from me at Gulf War. The heads 
only take a minute to attach, so putting them on at the war should 
not be a problem.

HL Christian Dore
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