ANST - More info on Polish sighthounds,other dogsavailable, and she's interested in the SCA..

Ellen Ginden ginden at
Fri Mar 6 09:17:12 PST 1998

I thought if someone had something online prepared they
send her info on the SCA.She located near Abilene.She
mentions a site w/pictures of these dogs.I've actually seen
an adult of one of these dogs about 3 months ago. Their
smaller than Russian Wolfhounds; and a little more rounded.
Lady Ellen

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> Subject: Re: Border Collie needs foster home along w/
other news.
> In a message dated 98-03-05 21:00:53 EST, you write:
> << 
>  Well they say they can't; but will ask around.Maybe
something will 
> still 
>  happen.I'm pretty partial to ACD's myself. I have an ACD
>  dog I've ever seen.
> >>>>Both my dog trainer and my vet own ACD`s, and they
both feel they 
> are the
> smartest there is. l agree, but l don`t know if that`s
such a big plus. 
> They
> have a tendency to outsmart their owners, kinda like a
Shetland Pony. 
> Too
> smart for their own good. l have Fila Brasileiros and
they are plenty 
> smart
> for me. The Border Collie`s last day is probably Monday :
>  Well, I hope my other friends are keeping you busy.I
neglected to 
>  mention people in the SCA pick a name and a personae
that could have 
>  existed in the time and place there interested in.So I
guess you might 
>  see some unusual names and maybe even titles.I have to
say your quick 
> on 
>  the uptake, telling me about those dogs. 
> >>>>>lt was almost like a dog karma thing. l feel like l
have to help 
> these
> babies, as well as the breed, and then here you go and
> sighthounds
> with a rich history. They are also known as Russian
Greyhounds. Gave me
> goosebumps when l figured that one out. 
>        l played a lot of D&D in high school, and of
course did and still 
> do
> the Rocky Horror thing when l get the chance<G>. l am
sure if l had the 
> time l
> could really get into your groups` activities. Maybe when
you get a 
> chance you
> could send me more info. 
> A lot of people completly miss 
>  the point and develope some pretty strange ideas.
> >>>>>>Yeah that type !! (oops, sorry, Rocky flashback)
> I think sometimes 
>  people get bored and when they don't understand
something they make up 
>  anything. Jan would be a good choice for one of these
pups. He can 
>  afford it,it would be a good home and he happens to
really be polish.
> >>>>>And more goosebumps.............(Polish, too < BRRR>)
> l
>  would be surprised if he didn't go for whole deal of
papers and all.I 
>  think their historical significance would mean a lot to
> >>>>>>>l found some info on the net when l typed in
> pictures,
> too.
> I'll call 
>  Steve and Francis in just a little while. Good luck w/
the pups and 
>  thanks again for letting me know. Ellen
> >>>>>Ellen,
>               l appreciate your quick responses and
obvious genuine 
> concern,
> as well as your lack of stoddiness l so often see with
other rescue 
> people. l
> feel you can probably relate : ) l encourage you to send
my e-mails to 
> any
> interested parties, all or part. l love meeting people
who are a little 
> more
> than the norm, so to speak. Look forward to hearing from
you soon,   
> Kathy
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