ANST - Gulf War camping request

Baronman Baronman at
Fri Mar 6 09:41:38 PST 1998

To my lovely foster child, Teleri, the light of my later years and provider of
my future income from my new foster son-in-law.

  Sir Rurik is off of work and I have my students in Spring break- so guess
We will be able to see you at Gulf Wars.  Save us a spot about 12x12 for our
tent next to you so that we may be able to make sure you are well guarded at
night.  We will be leaving early Friday morning, arriving in the afternoon.
If you do nor save us a spot, we will just throw our sleeping bags in YOUR

when going to war- real men DON'T take:
Soap  -                  why bother, you just get dirty again
Towels -                no soap, no need for towels
Food-                    mooch off of your friends
Water-                  drink beer
Tent-                     get drunk, pass out in road
Sleeping bag-        see reason for no Tent
Dry clothes-          just more things you have to clean when you get home

This is the philosophy of Sir Rurik- he says " All you need is fighting gear,
membership and authorization card and a cooler full of beer. "
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