ANST - Apology

Michael F. Gunter mfgunter at
Fri Mar 6 12:34:11 PST 1998

> Greetings!
> Due to a number of private messages regarding my "Gulf War Checklist", I
> wish to apologize to any and all if I offended with my rather "unusual" items.
> No, I am not planning on taking anything that I listed.
> Timo

Dear Timo,

Haven't you figured out by now that there are some people that do not understand
if something is funny or even meant in jest unless you put smiley faces all
over it? Many people don't know a TV show is a comedy unless there is a laugh
track to tell them when it's funny.

Don't worry, most of us knew it was a joke.

(Although there was an interesting "bulge" in your luggage when we crashed
over at Lyonel's....)

Obligatory smiley face for the humor impaired===============>> :-{)}


Duke Inman MacMoor
(yeah..that's it)

(hee hee hee...what's he gonna do? Beat me up?)
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