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> Weelllll....
> For one, there is little wolf in an Irish Wolfhound. It is meant to
> be a dog large enough to take down a wolf or deer. Modern Wolfhounds
> are a ressurected breed. This was done successfully by Captain
> George Augustus Graham in the late 1800's. He used Scottish
> Deerhound, Great Dane, and Mastif to revive the breed with wolfhound
> stock that he was relatively sure retained the bloodlines of the
> origional breed. This breed was almost extinct by the 1600's and was
> more greyhound like in appearance per historical accounts. They are
> as far from wolves as most modern dogs can get. Infact, breeding
> thenm with wolves would introduce traits that are frowned upon in
> the breed. The standard description of the Wolfhound is " A
> beautiful, powerful, rough-coated, greyhound-like dog of great size
> and commanding appearance, fleet enough to catch a wolf and
> sufficiently powerful enough to bring it down." For more information
> on the breed I reccomend reading "The New Complete Irish Wolfhound"
> by Joel Samaha.

it has always been my understanding that due to their size and the 
oddities of their genetic lines, that they were a rather short lived 
breed.  any idea as to the truth/falsity of that ????
another beautiful breed, designed for similar uses, though more 
focused on protecting herds from preditors was the tibetian mastiff, 
the gran-sire of the entire mastiff line down through the greeks, 
celts, and into the pre-rottweiller's that the roman military so 

for those interested in early cultures in general and hounds ... i 
can recommend: _Hounds and Hunting in Ancient Greece_, Denison 
Bingham Hull, University of Chicago Press, 1964, LC: 64-23424


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