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James Crouchet jtc at
Sat Mar 7 01:20:36 PST 1998

I have a question and some suggestions.

> Speed rivets.  Give your harness the once over.  Replace any
> questionable-looking rivets.

What is a speed rivet?

Additional suggestions for archers:

Test your quiver before you go. Everyone seems to wait to the last 
minute on this one, and then some folks end up with a quiver that 
drags the ground or is easily tumped over. What happens if 
you squat down with a full quiver? Can you run with it on? Remember, 
you cannot pick up an arrow once it hits the field, so a spilled 
quiver ends that battle for you. I remember they made us turn our 
arrows POINT UP year before last, so make sure your quiver is stable 
with your arrows upside down too.

If you are using wooden shafts and removable heads (Baldar Blunts, 
Thistle Missile, Crane Break) make some extra shafts. Get them 
completely preped (fletch, nock, tape shaft) except for the head. 
When your arrows get broken you can use the time between battles to 
slap those heads onto a new shaft so you keep a full compliment of 
arrows. Don't forget the extra tape to do the attaching.

Put your name and kingdom on all your arrows. It is the surest way to 
get them all back. I also number each arrow so if I loan some out 
then one or more are lost we know whether to look where I was 
shooting or where the other guy was shooting.

Inspect all your arrows before you pack them. No need taking damaged 
arrows. Also, check the tape on the shaft to make sure it has not 
dried out and started to peel off. Replace any screwed up feathers, 
broken nocks, bad shafts, etc.

Get an extra bow string. Even if you have a brand new one, battle 
conditions, armor mishaps and even packing miscalculations can result 
in a cut bowstring and you won't find a replacement on merchant row.

Remember, archers need 2 athorizations -- combat archery and armored 
combat. If you forget to get that armored combat authorization they 
will not even let you on the field, even if you plan to wear a white 
diamond and be non-contact.

Don Dore
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