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Sat Mar 7 10:35:24 PST 1998

On Fri, 6 Mar 1998 15:58:23 -0800 (PST) "Mike C. Baker"
<kihe at> writes:
>As I am all too aware due to relatively recent studies, there is a
>near overwhelming belief in the SCA that that most divine of
>indulgent foods, to whit CHOCOLATE, is not appropriate to pre-1600
>pursuits and must therefore be declared by Royal Whim as permitted
>or preferred.

The answer to this ongoing argument is quite simple. 
We are the Society for CREATIVE ANACRONISM.
We recreate the middle ages NOT AS the were, but as they SHOULD HAVE

So go forth and Hershey without guilt!

Talk to you later,

Mayne de la Croix --- The original MiB

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