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Nathan W. Jones njones at
Sat Mar 7 18:50:27 PST 1998

Sir Lyonel wrote:

> When I said "speed rivets," I meant the hollow, two piece rivets that you
> hammer together (also available--in a range of sizes--from Tandy Leather
> stores and most tack and saddle stores).  They're useful for holding
> leather to leather or leather to metal.  For these, you need a hammer and
> an anvil of sorts (for mobile repairs, I usually take along a ball-pean
> hammer and a John Henry--I use the head of the John Henry as my anvil for
> replacing speed rivets).

We called them "pop rivits" when I workedin the leather shop.  Pretty good, but
they can
eventually work themselves loose.  Especially
if you take a direct hit on one.

former mundane leatherworker, specializing in
"intimate" apparal.

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