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Salut, Cozyns,

Lyonel aisai.

In response to my explanation:

>> When I said "speed rivets," I meant the hollow, two piece rivets that you
>> hammer together (also available--in a range of sizes--from Tandy Leather
>> stores and most tack and saddle stores).  They're useful for holding
>> leather to leather or leather to metal.  For these, you need a hammer and
>> an anvil of sorts (for mobile repairs, I usually take along a ball-pean
>> hammer and a John Henry--I use the head of the John Henry as my anvil for
>> replacing speed rivets).

Gio said:

>We called them "pop rivits" when I workedin the leather shop.  Pretty
good, but
>they can
>eventually work themselves loose.  Especially
>if you take a direct hit on one.

The only problem with that name is that pop rivets is the brand name for a
type of aluminum rivets that come with a nail in them.  You have to use a
pop riveter to attach them (it deforms the rivet around the nail while
extruding the nail), and they look far too modern for use on most armor.
Speed rivets are a bit on the fragile side (their thin brass, so they'll
tear or deform easily), but if you crush them together hard enough, they
don't work themselves loose.  Of course, they're easy to replace, too.  If
you want something that will last, use the solid copper rivet-and-washer
sets (also available at Tandy and most saddle shops).

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