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On Sat, 07 Mar 1998 13:38:55 -0600 Dennis and/or Dory Grace
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>Salut, Cozyns.
>Lyonel aisai.
>In response to my suggestion:
>>>> Speed rivets.  Give your harness the once over.  Replace any
>>>> questionable-looking rivets.
>Don Christian Dore' asks:
>>>What is a speed rivet?
>And Mayne de la Croix responds:
>>A Speed rivet is basically a screw together rivet. I know you can get
>>them at Tandy Leather Stores. They are available at other locations I 
>>sure, but I can't think of where right now.  Most fighters I know 
>have an
>>armor repair kit they take with them just about everywhere, even when 
>>fighting you can make lots of friends by fixing THEIR armor. 
>Um, well, not exactly what I had in mind.  In my experience, the 
>screw-together rivets are usually called post-and-screw rivets or 
>screws.   If you use Chicago screws, I suggest you take along a bottle 
>Loc-Tite to keep them from working themselves loose.  Also, most 
>stores carry these critters.
>When I said "speed rivets," I meant the hollow, two piece rivets that 
>you hammer together

>Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace

I stand corrected on the terminology, though for the repair of armor i
don't find the "speed rivets" to be much faster than the copper ones.
They do not hold up nearly as well and easily deform. The "post and
screw" rivets don't need and anvil, just a screwdriver or substitute (
i.e a penny) to tighten them up. I don't see the need for loc-tite since
you would be replacing the rivet with a proper one as soon as possible
unless you are going to use it for a permanent repair. I do not recommend
the brass speed rivets on anything that is intended for rough use.   If
at all possible I would bring a bag of assorted size copper rivets with
setter, hammer, and anvil with me.  Let me think for a few and I will
post a list of armor repair tools/supplies I recommned for an armor
repair kit.  

Talk to you later,

Mayne de la Croix --- The original MiB

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