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Sun Mar 8 10:00:47 PST 1998

If you wereto hit "reply" instead of "reply all," it should bypass the
list and go directly to just the original poster. But this is not
recommended, it's a trap. If you reply, at ALL, they now have your
personal email addy. If a spam reaches you, and does not include your
email in the "mail to" or CC box, DELETE is better than responding at
all. Most spammers dont just send out one ad, they send out ads on
different products. Once they acquire your personal addy, they can use
it to send thier other stuff, or pass it along to other spammers. I
know, cause (hanging head in shame) I used to do this with recipes. That
was before I knew what spamming was, and how much it is abused. I spam
bombed about 15 different mailing lists, including the one I was on, at
the time. I got LOTS of neat little e-mails in return. I thought I was
just getting to the wrong people, and I did a search using the string,
"How to Spam Successfully." It was then I started reading about how it
was considered bad, and why it is so offensive. after talking to several
people, I realized I was doing a very bad thing, and I quit.

Nathan W. Jones wrote:

> 2.  The ANST list is set up so that if you hit the "reply"
> button, the address of the Ansteorran Mailing list will be
> where the letter is sent.  If you wanted to truly remove yourself
> from a spam list, then you would have to manually enter the
> address of the offending email.
> Just pointing out some stuff,
> Gio.
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