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At 08:21 AM 3/9/98 -0600, you wrote:
>I agree that drunkenness is distasteful. However, as one of the people who
>complained about Timo's message off-line (and to whom he very graciously
>apologized offline), I also feel that discussions of personal hygiene
>products, contraceptives, and other such items as have been included in the
>"Gulf War lists" is vulgar and unnecessary in this context. Especially on a
>list for a society that purports to uphold such concepts as honor, courtesy,
>and chivalry.

I could just as easily argue that if, as you claim, Timo has graciously
apologized to you offline, that your insistence on continuing to address
the subject publicly is less than courteous. As well, by falling back on
the old "society that purports...honor, courtesy, & chivalry," that you are
either publicly questioning Timo's chivalry, et al, or Daniel's honor, et
al, or are questioning the Society's chivalry, et al. Either way, I really
don't think it appropriate to question anyone's honor, et al, based on
whether they mention either personal hygiene or any sexual reference,
whether in serious discussion or in jest. If *you* don't believe sex or
personal hygiene should be mentioned in public, then *you* compromize
*your* concept of chivalry, et al, if *you* mention sex or personal hygiene
in a public forum. Someone else might have a different concept of chivalry,
et al, than you.

>The messages we post here go into many homes (and offices), and while it is
>not always possible to avoid offending everyone, I think it behooves us to
>be a little more discreet.

I find public reprimands in regards to sexual and personal hygiene subject
matter to be somewhat offensive; perhaps it would have behooved you to post
your reply to Daniel privately. 


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