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Mary Temple noxcat at
Mon Mar 9 08:31:19 PST 1998

>My lord, with all due respect, I must take issue with your statements. 
>is a private matter, as is personal hygiene. While I certainly don't 
>that all discussion of such topics should be suppressed, I would argue 
>there are appropriate places for such discussion, and a public forum is 
>one. Education in matters of sex and hygiene is appropriately provided 
>the home and, in some cases, in schools. And people who fail to take
>precautions will not suddenly decide to do so because someone posts 
>amounts to snickering, schoolboy humor on a news list.
>Teleri ferch Pawl
I must disagree. Considering that sex can quite literally be a life or 
death decision, I believe discussing sex in a public forum is a VERY 
GOOD idea. A lot of people equate "in the home" with "secret", and 
"secret" with "bad" - so keeping sex and contraception discussions 
"secret" is "bad", IMHO. And keeping those discussions secret is 
conducive to perpetuating inaccurate information. However, I do NOT 
believe that discussing sex in THIS public forum is appropriate.

Catriona Rowley

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