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Mon Mar 9 10:11:31 PST 1998

Wow. The wonder of it all.

Pug wrote:
>As a line item on a War packing list, I see contraceptives as a good

While I am quite sure Pug didn't mean it this way, it has served to 
remind me that I started this whole brouhaha by including the line item 
"condoms" in my original post. I believe Lord Timo's reply was 
essentially a 'reductio ad absurdum' argument that this line item was 
probably a little risque for a public post. 

It is very interesting to note that Timo is getting gang-flamed for 
pointing this out, while I , the instigator and original pervert, sit 
safely in the background. This is because, unlike Timo, I remembered to 
include a '<g>' humor alerter after the word 'condom'. This simple, easy 
to use protective device has prevented *my* post from developing into 
something unexpected, complicated, and hard to deal with. I therefore 
recommend the use of a '<g>' for any and all humorous contact. <g>

If you didn't get that, ask someone smarter to explain it to you.

As to why I included this item on my original list, well, by golly, I 
don't want to forget to bring some. I mean, it's an uncertain world out 
there; you step out your door and never know what is going to happen (and 
sometimes, even hiding in your room doesn't help). I carry a spare key, a 
quarter, and an emergency sawbuck for the same reason: Be prepared. Look 
both ways before you cross the street. Carry duct tape at all times. 
Bring extra feast gear and always carry a condom! It's just common sense, 
ask your mom if you don't believe me. Really. All kidding aside. 

Very Respectfully,

-Erik Wulfriksson-
  House of Brick

"Between stimulus and response, man has the freedom to choose."
                                       -Stephen Covey

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