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>Thank you for your well articulated reply.  I have worked for several 
>educating people about birth control and the like.
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>> Date: Monday, March 09, 1998 6:46 AM
>> Mitman, Rikki said something that sounded like:
>> > I also feel that discussions of personal hygiene
>> > products, contraceptives, and other such items as have been 
>included in
>> > "Gulf War lists" is vulgar and unnecessary in this context.
>> I'm sorry, but I must disagree.
>> Listing such items is a good idea in this day and age. (Although it 
>> in jest.)
>> We need to remember that casual sex is no longer safe, despite what 
>> SCA is about. I would rather people only have sex with their 
>> but the fact is it doesn't always happen. Because of this, I think 
>> a good idea to remind people to be safe instead of sorry. I'd rather
>> people not come home with something they didn't go with because they
>> didn't remember condoms. (Yeah, yeah, people can abstain, but lots
>> As for personal hygiene, I think it's a good idea for everyone to
>> practice it. Events, and probably even moreso wars, are not a place 
>> forget this necessity.
>> > Especially on a
>> > list for a society that purports to uphold such concepts as honor,
>> > and chivalry.
>> Where things should be hidden from view? I've never viewed this as a
>> good way for sex nor drug education to be conducted. (Yes, I am a 
>> of a small child.)
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