ANST - War Disease

Talen von Marienburg talen at
Mon Mar 9 18:58:35 PST 1998

Actually, Mykaru, you were part of Nordsteorras' experiment in chemical &
biological weapons.  Or, more precisely, you were inoculated with large
quantities of red cedar pollen.

Unfortunately, red cedars do their sexual thing every February and they
don't use a condom <g>

(Who gets hit with red cedar allergies every year at Northern Regional)

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>Dennis Grace wrote:
>> Salut, Cozyns,
>> Lyonel aisai.
>>  We gather large quantities of folks together from around the world every
>> year to celebrate and play at Pennsic, Estrella, Gulf Wars, Antir-West
>> Great Western War, and Lilies (to name but a few).  Has anyone
>> experienced/observed any sort of widespread pathologies cropping up at
>> *our* wars?  Flu?  Food poisoning?  STDs?  Legionnaire's disease?  Warts?
>> Inquiring minds want to know.
>> lo vostre por vos servir
>> Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace
>> Dear Lyonel,
>  Don't know about Pennsic, but a bunch of us came home from Northern
>Regional with something vaguely flu-like. And no it was NOT caused by
>the food OR the court.
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