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Mon Mar 9 15:03:45 PST 1998

Ulisse wrote:

> I'm Victor, Seneshal of Ranaan Shire, from South Drachenwald and I'm looking
> for
> waterproved Medioeval Tents for me and my people.
> Can You Help me finding something interesting ?
> I'd need small individual ones and a Large Command Tent for Royal Guests or
> Excellencies
> Victor

You might try these files in the DWELLINGS section of my Stefan's Florilegium.

You will find reviews of various tent merchants in the tent-sources file. But
it is also possible to make your own, sometimes inexpensively. A number of these
files are meant to give some useful info for this.

My files can be found at:

dometents-pic      (3K)  9/21/94    German Landsknecht camp, painted 1500-1550.
                                      featuring dome tents.
MaMSP-art          (9K) 11/ 2/95    article: Making a Medieval Shade Pavilion.
p-tents-art       (14K)  5/17/96    Survey article on period tent styles.
p-tent-const-art  (23K)  3/10/97    "Building a Period Tent" by Geoffrey Maynard
p-tents-msg       (32K)  8/16/95    Period tents and documentation sources.
pavilions-msg    (122K)  8/ 7/96    The making of medieval pavilions.
tents-alt-msg     (41K)  6/11/96    Alternatives to tents for SCA events.
tent-care-msg     (27K)  4/ 4/96    Care of tents. waterproofing, washing.
tent-dsguises-msg (23K)  3/28/97    Ideas for disguising modern tents.
tent-fabrics-msg  (41K)  9/ 4/96    Fabrics and treatments to use in tents.
tent-interior-msg  (9K)  2/ 5/97    Storage and decorating inside pavilions.
tent-making-msg    (9K)  6/ 9/97    Useful ideas when making tents.
tent-painting-msg (23K)  3/28/96    Painting and decorating tents.
tent-ps-msg       (42K)  2/ 9/98    Pavilion poles, stakes and ropes.
tent-rental-msg    (9K) 11/12/96    Rental of tents at Pennsic and Estrella.
tent-setup-msg    (19K)  9/15/97    Hints for setting up tents and pavilions.
tent-sources-msg  (59K) 11/12/96    Pavilion and canvas merchants.
tents-weather-msg (23K)  9/20/96    Various tent styles in bad weather.
yurts-msg         (91K) 12/ 3/97    Round Mongol tents also called gers.

Hope this is of use.

Lord Stefan li Rous
Barony of Bryn Gwlad
stefan at
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