ANST - Final Orders for GW Army

Casey&Coni cjw at
Tue Mar 10 01:57:35 PST 1998

Guten Morgen meine dammen und herren,

Just a few last preparatory words before we leave...

First, we need more darned tennis balls.  Lots of em.  We don't have nearly
enough.  Did I mention that we're short a few?  We direly need them to make
Trimaran pancakes.  Bring lots.  And duct tape.

Also, there will be a meeting for all commanders of units with greater than
ten people that will be occurring at GW early in the week.  If you are a
commander of a unit with greater than ten people, look for a message at the
gate OR find myself or one of the three Graces for details.  Regional
Warlords should also be present at this meeting.  Bring pen and paper and as
accurate a count of your unit strength as possible to include siege
equipment.  Attempt a breakdown of your heavy combat strength by archers,
shields, spears, and auxiliaries (flourentine, pole arms, greatswords, and

If your unit has LESS than ten people in it you need to join together with
another unit FROM THE SAME REGION and then ask your regional warlord who
should command the hybrid unit.

It is the Kings intent as well as all the commanders that we fight as we
train so please fight in the group with whom you most often practice; stick
with your regional army.  If you have questions that cannot be answered
through your chain of command (Line Commander, Local Commander, Regional
Commander, Field Generals, King) I will be staying in the Canterbury cabin
with the Shire of Tempios and Kingdom Warlords Arms parked out front but
please use the chain of command *first*.

May God allow us to strive mightily yet without malice, to be courageous yet
not brash, and to leave the field under our own power as friends with those
whom we hope to best.

Drive safely- we need you on the field;)

Ritter Dieterich,
Warlord Ansteorra

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