ANST - Lyonesse -- Marmelade?

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Tue Mar 10 05:36:41 PST 1998

Well, then -- to Mistress Aeslyn, who makes very fine marmalade and is kind
enough to share it -- thank you and vivat! My lord and I have enjoyed it

Teleri ferch Pawl

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> << I too received said marmalade and it is delicious,  I am fairly certain
>  (hoping memory serves me correctly, I received so many wonderful gifts 
>  as lady of the field of the hawk) that Baroness Kayleigh Drake of 
>  Bonwick made and gifted the delicious orange marmalade.
>  >>
> Thank you for the word fame but I only had the pleasure of handing it out.
> Mistress Aeslyn is the fine maker of the the marmalade.  She is also known
> for
> her Apple Butter and Dragon's Fire balm for bruises.
> Kayleigh Drake
> Baroness of Bonwicke
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