ANST - Re:ANST- new to the sca

Tue Mar 10 15:57:46 PST 1998

Yes there is a Shire in San Marcos.   Welcome to Ffynnon Gath!  We do have
fighter practices here on Sundays that don't have something else going on (
Like war), at city park at 3 pm.  Our fighters Usually also go to Austin's
fighter practices on Tuesdays... so you get the best of both Worlds.  I don't
know much about the fencing stuff.. but I understand here in Ansteorra we use
foils, epees, or Schlagers.  We do have a Couple of other fencers who are
newly come to our group... and I'm sure they would be so Glad to have someone
else to fight with.
    Keep this address handy ( cricketred at if you have any more
questions about Ffynnon Gath or other Random stuff.
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