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 MJS/ aramis van barcaloo/ aka the wierd guy with the sword

hiya.. well it will be good to have ya.. we're a very tiny shire..we could use
some fresh blood!!   We run kinda more like a household than an " official
-type" group.  wierd guy huh? well then you should fit right in.  you know how
many SCA groups " center" around a military base or a college campus?  well..
our " SCA Central" is a tattoo shop ( Mystic Marks).   Go figger!  great bunch
of folks though!  
the name Ffynnon Gath is some Welsh Aberration for " the Spring of the Cat"
named for aquarena Springs ( local river source) and the SWT Bobcats. 

 My SCA Name is Lady Letha ( pronounced Laytha) de Loc Airgead.
  My real Name is Lonnie ... but lotsa folks just call me Cricket cause I'm
chirpy-cheerful and annoying.   I'm our Shire Herald, Exchequer, and
Chronicler (told ya.. its a very small group!).
  if you can read a Lotus Format I can send you one of our Newsletters.  it
ain't much.. just a one page deelie.. but it'll give you a general idea.
    anyway.. Welcome aboard!
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