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Thu Mar 12 05:15:33 PST 1998

Baronman said something that sounded like:
> >As well, if the message body
> >contains "REMOVE" in the first 10 lines. Although I know this won't
> >catch all SPAM, it does catch a lot of it. As well, it has already
> >caught a couple of the people replying to the SPAM that was sent.
> Does this mean all of those people who replied to the spam and asked to be
> remo_ed from the server instead of the original spammer are now no longer on
> the list and don"t know it???????????


What was happening was they were replying and it went straight to the
list. The filters now forward the message to me instead to verify if
it's a legit message or not.

The software has always done this for such things as subscribing and
unsubscribing when sending to the list address instead of the majordomo
address. It asks the list admin for approval. I'm just extending the
list of "approval" required checks.

Regarding sending mail to the SPAMmer, it typically just adds your email
address to their big list of "valid" email addresses. I wouldn't do it.
(Yes, there are "respectable" SPAMmers, but they are outnumbered by the
bad ones.)


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