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Pam Martin martinpj at
Thu Mar 12 07:52:51 PST 1998

Pug - please send this to the Ansteorran list.......

To Bryn Gwlad and the Kingdom of Ansteorra,

For the past few weeks Sir Ricardo de Pisa has been in the hospital.  We received a call at 7:30 this morning that his life support systems were stopped.  Please send  your kind thoughts to him and his family.  

Ricardo was one of the first member of Bryn Gwlad that I met when I first joined the SCA.  I remember Pendaran telling me stories of Ricardo's fighting and the awesome impression he made when he took the field.  I will always remember the many times he pointed at something on my neck and twitched my nose, and his infamous "inspections".  I urge all of you to share your stories of this Lion Legend.

I'f you have the means to contact those who are already at the war, please do so, so that they too can send their thoughts to Ricardo.

Jehanne d'Avignon

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