ANST - Trying to locate Sir Balthazar (fwd)

Pug Bainter pug at
Mon Mar 16 06:44:54 PST 1998

Good Morning,

  If anyone can help this individual, please send mail to her directly
  as she is not on the list.

  Thank you.

I'm trying to locate a fellow named Sir Balthazar of Endor, mka John
Weaver, who lived in Houston, Texas the last time I heard of him.  I'm
actually trying to locate his ex-wife, Mistress Ivivis of Cornwall, mka
Deborah Weaver(then), and later Deborah Rankin.  She and John divorced
and she married Graham Rankin, who was also in the SCA, but who's
personna name escapes me.I've had NO luck locating her, so I thought I'd
try to find John, since he was active in the SCA longer than she was. 
Any help you can give me would greatly appreciated.

Rhonda Johnson Contreras
(Duchess Rondallynn of Golgotha, Meridies)

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