ANST - Conspiracy theories

John Ruble jruble at
Mon Mar 16 10:26:21 PST 1998

One of the Sweinbrothers said:
> On Mon, 16 Mar 1998, Pug Bainter wrote:
> > Pug Bainter said something that sounded like:
> > > http://www.ansteorra.orc/riccardo.html
> > That should be:
> >
> > Oops.
> Yeah, right.  With your slip you have revealed the true domain name of
> the
> web-site and made clear your secret identity as one of the Nazgul!
> Begone, foul demon-lord of Morgoth![1]
Three token rings for the elven kings under the sky
Nine for my e-mail, doomed to die.
One domain to rule them all, one domain to bind them,
One domain to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
In the land of http://www.ansteorra.orc, where the mailing lists lie...

***LE ROI EST MORT.  JIVE LE ROI- The king is dead.  No kidding.

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