ANST - Gulf War Blade

James Crouchet jtc at
Mon Mar 16 23:19:10 PST 1998

Hi, folks. Don Dore here.

One of my 45 inch schlager blades seems to have been misplaced at 
Gulf War. I imagine whoever picked it up was trying to be helpful and 
just did not think to turn it into the lost and found.

Blades of this length are quite rare, so if fenced at Gulf war, you
might check your gear. In case you have gotten it mixed in with your
own blades, or you notice that a friend has gotten it mixed in with
his/her blades, it is easily identifyable by the words "Savein Dore"
stamped into the steel blade just above the tang.

If you locate this blade, please call me at (512) 280-2145 or ship it 
to me at:

James Crouchet
710 Shade Tree Dr.
Austin, TX 78748-2326

I will be glade to pay all shipping costs.

Don Dore - Ansteorra
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