ANST - Reflections of the ressurection battle

Michael Peters shdwstel at
Tue Mar 17 08:49:31 PST 1998

Baronman wrote:
> I never saw any tempers flair, any bad words between fighters, or any
> excessive blows.
> Both sides fought extremely well and both sides can be proud in their warriors
> in this resurrection battle.
>   To all who fought, both Trimaris, Ansteorra and the allies- VIVAT
 Bors observations are good. In the hole <gr> I did see tempers flare,
RARELY, but for every flare I saw a dozen examples of comraderie between
the lines during holds.
  I was on that left flank for the majority of the fight. Our Atlantian
and Eastern allies deserve great wordfame for the determination and
spirit which helped to hold that flank but honesty must let me say, HAD
Trimaris wanted to roll us there they would have. Trimarin fighters
there were often forcibly dragged back by thier flank commander, they
had a plan and stuck to it.
  Othar and Sir Pendaren led the push for the banner. I was there and I
thought nothing could stop us. Sir pendaren and Graf Galen were
espcially impressive and had we more fighters I THINK we would have held
and won.
 All honor to those who fought on BOTH sides.

Lord Mykaru Kurodachi
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