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Tue Mar 17 07:06:19 PST 1998

Susan Lundgren wrote:
> I'm planning to make new garb for Elfsea Spingfaire and I'm looking for
> sources for Byzantine clothing as I've never made anything of that sort.
> Can anyone help point me in the right direction?
> Nichola Maccoffoc              Stargate
> Susi Lundgren                      Houston

I hope this isn't too late to be useful. I'm just now catching up on mail
after going off to Gulf Wars.

You might take a look at this file in the CLOTHING section of my Stefan's

cl-Bynzantine-msg (14K)  8/30/96    Clothing of Bynzantine.

For more info on Bynzantine, this file in the CULTURES section might also 
be of interest:

Byzantine-msg     (22K) 10/ 7/97    Byzantine culture, clothing, commerce.

My files can be found at:

Lord Stefan li Rous
stefan at
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