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What Sir Galen has failed to mention, is that his own squire performed
brilliantly and bravely during the Castle battles.  He also inspired many
to take that extra step to help defeat many Trimarians. He made these
battles very enjoyable, and a real thrill to be involved in. 

Lord Hengist Redhand received his Sable Falcon for prowess on the battlefield.

Vivat Hengist!!!! 

May I always have the honor to fight by your side.

Vivaine Tårnfalk
Barony of Elfsea

At 08:48 PM 3/17/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Galen here!
>(A posting to both the Ironrose and Elfsea mailing lists.)
>It was indeed a fine war!
>But three days of shouting field commands ("Dress that line! Close that 
>gap!") with a bit of bardic in the evenings shredded my voice, and I'm
>still recovering.
>Ansteorra and Trimaris split the combat war points evenly, which
>from my perspective was a huge improvement over last year, in
>which Ansteorra lost every battle.
>Our opponents were courteous, valiant and skillful, and were clearly
>determined that "winning" would be defined as having more fun than
>us; a contest I highly recommend, but a victory I'm not prepared to
>concede.  (I did notice one difference:  Slain Ansteorrans often
>congratulated their opponents, shouting "well struck!" or somesuch.
>Killed Trimarians frequently bounded to their feat yelling "good
>game!"  I wonder what this might indicated about approaches to SCA
>The war was a tie, as it has been the last four years running.  I
>was very proud of my unit, Ansteorra's Central Region, which did
>its job in _every_ battle, despite a core of highly inexperienced
>fighters (a problem we propose to solve by the simple expedient
>that, our core fighters having enjoyed this war so much, we'll simply
>have them come out to the next one).  The unit's commanders,
>Sir Mahadi (Regional Warlord) and Mistress Stella, its lieutenants,
>Baron Llywelyn and Lord Airaklee, and myself (the shouting sergeant)
>did a good job, which improved with each battle, though I say it
>myself.  Duke Inman was good enough to take time to tell our
>Baroness and Mistress Stella that we'd done very well in the battles.
>It was a great time.
>The Ironrose gathering in the Elfsea Camp, didn't go as well as I'd
>hoped.  Our camp turned out to be out in the boonies, so few made
>it out; it was a great pleasure to meet those who attended.  Master
>Cadfan ap Morgan, who scripted much of William Blackfox's "Vixen's
>Keep" stories was good enough to put in an appearance.  Then, the
>resurrection battle turned out to be out in the boonies next to 
>the Elfsea camp, so few if any Ironrose people went all the way 
>back to the castle to meet in armor.
>I did have the privelege of meeting and sparring with both Sir
>Kytte and Viscountess Sir Elizabeth Mortimer.  They were exellent
>fighters and as charming and pleasant as anyone could ask.
>It was a point of personal pride to me that all nine of the
>Ansteorrans knighted since last year's war were present and
>in armor this year.  Ansteorra dedicated this war to the memory
>of Sir Ricardo di Pisa, who died very early Thursday morning,
>in Austin, of heart troubles.  I was told of his death on my way 
>to the field a few hours later, and resolved to commemorate a
>valiant and dedicated knight by fighting as well as I could
>manage; a fitting memorial, I thought, to a man whose motto
>was "Try Harder".
>I was also priveleged to meet the Kings and Queens of 
>Trimaris, AEthelmarc, Meridies, and at Atlantia, as well
>as a _crowd_ of nice folks.  And I ordered my dream helm
>from Cold Steel Armory; it'll be here in June!
>It was a great war.  Next year, y'all come.
>- Galen of Bristol
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