ANST - Reflections of the ressurection battle

Visigoth36 Visigoth36 at
Tue Mar 17 20:06:50 PST 1998

 Ashamed I am to admit it, I fought for Trimaris.
 I had only been to a single fighter practice in NorthKeep, and I have
bussiness that will take me to Orlando often. I have been in Trimaris for 4
years, so I had to fight with my friends. Sorry all.
 I was on the Trimarian right, and the previous observations were correct, we
were held back by our commander.
 King Logan ( Atlantia) showed much valor, he suicided into us at least twice,
and made a boring stationary holding action, fun for me anyway.
 The center unit was also held back, even though we had a Large numerical
superiority, a full 30 fighters were held out, until the 5 minute warning.
 the res battle was a close thing, Ansteorria captured the banner with 3
minutes left, and we re-captured it with less than a minute to go, it was a
close, exciteing battle.
 I was impressed with the lack of hard feelings, and the general show of
friendship from both sides. I was the 2nd over the wall in the 1st fort
battle, and the Ansteorrians were gracious and asked if I was ok from the
fall, ( after they made sure I was dead, of course)
 Gulf wars is better than Pennsic, I plan to always return. But...can we move
it up to May or so, it was very cold.

 In service to the Kingdom, and the Lady
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