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Gunnora reminds me of things.

Ansteorran War Revival and Holy Roller Incitement of the Black Star 

I remember many of them, but one particularly comes back to me.  It 
was an outdoor coronation, and by the time that Ricardo arose to 
harangue us, it was dark, and court was lighted only by torches.  As 
Ricardo faced the populace, and worked himself up, and took us along, 
he arrived at a key moment, and suddenly a shooting star crossed the 
sky behind him.  For a moment, it seemed that he had called that sign 
to help make his point.

The Great Raid in answer to Bjornsborg insults (The Infamous Cattle 
Raid On Rimkus Ford)

I answered my Baron's call, and travelled south to answer the insult 
of Bjornsborg, who had claimed lands within Bryn Gwlad before the 
King(at least that is what I was told, but when the baron calls you 
answer, and you don't ask questions).

We may have been outnumbered, but easily two thirds of the experience 
was with Bjornsborg.  I was a young fighter, and there were four or 
five who had been fighting less than a full year.  I remember Gunnora 
sitting on those spears, and that battle turned against us.  I 
remember four battles, and in the first two Ricardo did his best to 
our inexperienced fighters to best advantage, but the greater 
experience and skill of Bjornsborg could not be overcome.  Then I 
remember Ricardo leaving another in command of the little group, and 
operating alone on the field, and no one could stand against him. 
 The last two battles went to Bryn Gwlad, though only because Sir 
Ricardo was on our side.  I remember watching from the edge of the 
field (having been killed, along with all the other Bryn Gwalders), 
while Ricardo defeated every fighter left from Bjornsborg, and 
literally stood alone, victorious upon the battle field.

I remember a knight, who tried to weld us into a unit, and when that 
failed to bring victory, he did what was necessary to win.  It was 
another lesson that Ricardo taught me, that I had forgotten until 
Gunnora reminded me.

At the funeral, when the Pastor ran through the list of titles that 
Ricardo deserved, like father, and friend, he left off knight, which 
is what I will always think of, when I think of Sir Ricardo.


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