ANST - Final charge in ressurection battle

Scott Fridenberg scottf at
Tue Mar 17 21:39:33 PST 1998

>To the 30 valiant fighters,
>Othar here,
>For those who I did not get to see after the battle, and those who gave 
>of themselves in that charge,
>THANK YOU! (said loudly, and proudly)
>You made it.  The charge though the enemy line succeeded, the middle 
>banner was ours.  You did your jobs well.
     I did not take part in the Final charge. I stayed with the group 
guarding our banner.  But the speach you gave in preperation for the 
charge, remains one of my fondest memories of the war.  The instruction 
you gave on how to charge a shield wall was an inspiration, and one of 
the finest examples of leadership on the field I have ever witnessed.  
Thank YOU!

Robert Fitzmorgan
Barony of Northkeep
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