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          Diyijia hand-knitting fashion Corp.
Diyijia hand-knitting fashion Corp. the first hand-knitting fashion
maker in china, enjoys a
staff of 5000 and a production capacity of 50000 suits per month. After
over 20 years of devoted
research and study, lady Han Baiyu, founder of Diyijia, first made
possible    for
hand-knit wool clothes to switch from its mere serviceof keeping warm to
become fashionable
garments of artistic design. This innovation filled a gap in the fashion
realm of the world in terms of
the absence of woolen yarn as well as initiated the advent of hand-knit
fashion suits in China
In May the same year, she was granted the title of special-grade
Brand-orientering fashion
designer in China.
Diyijia makes use of super-fine imported pure wool, silk, silk-linen and
demonstrates an examplary
combination of the stage effect of fashion with its daily practical
function. The Diyijia
fashions boast of original design, unique craftsmanship, high taste,
beautiful and lustrous coloring.
They are free from thrums, broken ends, misplaced stitches, and are
seamess. Even
after long-time wearing, the produce of  Diyijia won't fade, deform,
shrink or pill. They are
machine-washable and mothproof. The Diyijia fashions are exported to
South Korea,
Hongkong,USA, Ukraine, Greece and other places. In Beijing , Shang hai
and Changsha,
specialized sale counters and sale stores have been set up.
With a repertoire of 12 series of brands, over 200 fashion styles,
Diyijia hand-knitting fashion
Corp. looks forward in all sincetity and earnestness to profitful
cooperation with all business
friends on the basis of mutual benefit and hopes to strive together with
you for a better and more
shining tomorrow.
Our reputation is: what you need is just what we are seeking for.
Diyijia another means: leading hand-knit fahion realm in China.

                         Tel: 86-0735-2887148   Fax: 86-0735-2889148
                                      E-mail: hby68 at

We are the leading hand-knitting fashion Corp. in China and they are all
makes use of pure wool,
silk,silk-linen. We have become a member of the union of  chinese
fashion cultural research. Our
business have extended to most foreign countries. It's unique
craftmanship and first class business
reputation have won world-wide acclaim in most clients and consumers. At
present, we can
large  amount of orders by the samples and designs you sent us.
We hope to cooperate with friends of all over the world. Thanks.
Diyijia hand-knitting fashion Corp.
General Manager
Tel: 8607352887148

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