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Gunnora wrote:
>I saw the earlier mention of Gulf Wars war points.  Let it be noted that the
>Arts and Sciences caused the war to be a TRUE tie, not just a tie due to the
>treaty.  The A&S was split evenly between Ansteorra and Trimaris.

There was some truly spectacular work on both sides, and I really enjoyed
judging with the Trimaran judges. The final points were 201 to 201. What a

Folks have commented here and there that we really need to get together
with Trimaris and hammer out some standard rules to use each year. I'm in
complete agreement. I don't see any reason why we couldn't do so with very
little time and effort. One thing I thought of was inviting some Trimaran
Laurels to the Retreat this summer. Master Giuseppe was interested in the
idea, though I doubt we'd get too many Trimarin Laurels that could actually
make it since it would be a long trip for them right before Pennsic. I
believe we'd als need to invite a few Meridies Laurels as well, since they
also have input on the  GW A&S rules, is that right?  What do you guys
think?  Either way, we need to get our GW A&S rules standardized, so we're
not springing stuff on them at the last minute. They deserve to be able to
plan ahead and prepare properly.

Here's another thought. What if, instead of 20 entries per kingdom, we did
12? Fourty A&S entries are an awful lot to properly judge in just part of
one day, even with the dozen or so judges we had. Or we could do something
like allow a maximum of 15 entries, and only count the top 12 scores; that
would eliminate the kind of last-minute scrambling that we had to do this
weekend to fill out our numbers. If I hadn't been lucky enough to track
down Thyra in time (she had brought Michaela's Duchy scroll to enter in
populace A&S competition) we wouldn't have had a tie, we would have lost.
As it was, I got her there just minutes before registration closed. Just
something to think about.


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