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>Susan Lundgren wrote:
>> I'm planning to make new garb for Elfsea Spingfaire and I'm looking
>> sources for Byzantine clothing as I've never made anything of that
>> Can anyone help point me in the right direction?
>> Nichola Maccoffoc              Stargate
>> Susi Lundgren                      Houston

Greeting, Jovian here,

Being Roman myself I have a nice collection of books that would most 
definitely be of some help. Byzantine clothing stays pretty much the 
same for a good portion of the time period we cover. 330 - 600 AD sees 
somer big changes.

Cloth should be bright and bold. If if clashes somewhat... good! Find 
repeating geometric patterns or solid gems tones fabrics.

Undertunic with clavii (long parallel stips of trim that start at the 
bottom hem, go up over the shoulders, and down the back) Probably 
ankle length.

Over tunic (aka Dalmatic) t-length (mid-calf) with sleeves to the 
elbow. Here is where you go hog wild with trim or gold lame with 
fusable backing. The simplest way to go is with lame around the neck, 
hem, sleeve ends, and a wide stip down the front and back center. 
Decorate with pearls, beads, cabochons (sp?) etc.

Belt. Wal-mart has some wonderful belts in the women's section. Don't 
get a plain one.

Shoes. Low and slipper like. Decorate with pearls, beads, cabochons, 

Hat: Make a long tube of cloth, stuff, wrap a strip of trim around the 
front, sides, and back of the tube and set it on your head. Hang 2-3 
strings of pearls from it.

Byzantine motto: More is better. When looter melted down the vestments 
on a long dead Empress they got close to 22 lbs of gold.

Sources to find:
National Geographic Jan 1983
Late Period Byzantine Painting - David Talbot Rice
Byzantium - the Time Life series of the world civilizations series

Avoid Biblical figures or saints. Their clothing is the wrong thing. 
For instance, Mary wears cloths from the 2nd century in all of the 
icons. The same with most of the others. Look for pictures of Emperors  
and court scenes. Tose will have you best examples.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Grace and Peace,

Jovian Skleros
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