ANST - Final charge in ressurection battle

Beth Zimmerman bethzimm at
Wed Mar 18 18:38:30 PST 1998

Jerry Dreifuerst wrote:

> To the 30 valiant fighters,
> Othar here,
> For those who I did not get to see after the battle, and those who gave
> of themselves in that charge,
> THANK YOU! (said loudly, and proudly)
> You made it.  The charge though the enemy line succeeded, the middle
> banner was ours.  You did your jobs well.

>From one who was only a spectator, it was wonderful.  Coming over the hill and
seeing the battale in the ravine was "A Moment" for me.  Our fighters fought
well and honorably.  It made me proud to be Ansteoran.  VIVAT!!!

Afrena O'Dunlaing
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