ANST - Gulf War Clarification

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> Sorry to be a thorn in whoever's side but...
> Who's bright idea was it to setup war points with an EVEN number
> of points...duh!  Point-based competitions should have an ODD number
> of points so there is NO chance of having a tie!
> ~Johan Bjornsson
> Odd points are no guarantee that there will not be a tie.  All it takes is
> a tie in one area.
> But it seems to me that all of this misses the real point, to wit: we all
> had a wonderful time and the best of all possible worlds is one in which
> everybody wins.
> ihon

Yuk! How unwonderfully PC.
Wars are fought to win, so they should be setup that way.
Besides...Having a winner would inspire the losing army to field
a larger and better trained army the next year.
Having a tie, is just so blah-zay (sp) and uninteresting.

There should be NO tie in any area.  If it comes down to a close 
call in an area (like art/sci this year), have a tie-breaker
round.  No fence-straddling...we get enough wishy-washy decisions
from the president nowadays anyhow.  
hmmm..."nowadays anyhow", wonder if that's grammatically correct,
oh well, I'm just typing along with my thoughts...

Back to the point at hand...
Actually the win-win scenario is for everyone to have a good time 
AND there be a clear winner.

~Johan Bjornsson
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        on, wear sabatons.
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