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Fri Mar 20 11:23:18 PST 1998

You wrote: 

>Yuk! How unwonderfully PC.
>Wars are fought to win, so they should be setup that way.
>Besides...Having a winner would inspire the losing army to field
>a larger and better trained army the next year.
>Having a tie, is just so blah-zay (sp) and uninteresting.
>There should be NO tie in any area.  If it comes down to a close 
>call in an area (like art/sci this year), have a tie-breaker
>round.  No fence-straddling...we get enough wishy-washy decisions
>from the president nowadays anyhow.  
>hmmm..."nowadays anyhow", wonder if that's grammatically correct,
>oh well, I'm just typing along with my thoughts...
>Back to the point at hand...
>Actually the win-win scenario is for everyone to have a good time 
>AND there be a clear winner.
>~Johan Bjornsson
> Motto: If you don't want to get your toes hurt when they get stepped
>        on, wear sabatons.

Gulf War has always been a tie and I hope it always will be. This 
started with the first war when Trimaris came in small numbers and a 
wise Ansteorran King decided not to gloat or be a sore winner. At Gulf 
Wars V and VI our karma was repaid when the Trimarans beat us up pretty 
badly. This year, for the first time, was a true tie. Down to a single 
judges' point in the A&S.
 It has been my experience that the individuals in any particular point 
know whether they have won their point or not. There were only four 
points out of ten that concerned heavy weapons. If you want the feeling 
of winning or losing, then stand behind that castle wall as the hordes 
of Trimaris and Meridies pour over them. That will be your taste of 
crushing defeat. Or stand and watch while the champions on both the 
chivalric and the rapier fields defeated opponent after opponent. That 
will be your taste of overwhelming victory. Or charge the banner in the 
last of the battle and TAKE IT, only to have the enemy rally and take 
it back in the last few moments of the battle. That will be your taste 
of narrow defeat against long odds. Or stand in the field against the 
many enemies thinking that your are the last, only to see our glorious 
allies appear behind your foes. That will be your taste of narrow 
Our two kingdoms are highly competitive. With our established tradition 
of a tie at every war, then neither side need worry about the other 
gloating or being a sore winner, or a sore loser for that matter. 
The Trimarans are the most noble enemies I have ever faced. If We are 
lucky and skilled enough to defeat them one year, I know that they will 
simply come back harder and more skilled the next. The winning is in 
the competition. The journey is more important than the destination.

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