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>Salut, Cozyns
>In the second castle battle at Gulf Wars, a hold was called when one of our
>fighters went over the wall and landed badly.  At the time, we were told
>he'd apparently broken his collar bone.  Does anyone know the status of
>this individual?  Who was it?  How bad is the injury?
>Did we have any other casualties at GW7?
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>Micel yfel deth se unwritere.

In response to the above question.  This gentleman was one of our party
named Frank the Frank.  He is from the Barony of Northkeep.
He was quite lucky. Upon arrival at the hospital it was determined that he
had dislocated his shoulder posterialy.  He will be in an immobilizer for a
while but the doctor said with physical therapy and some time he will be
back to 100%.  Thank you for your concern I will forward it to Frank.   He
still had a great time and was jokeing about the whole thing when we left
the hospital.

Ainar Magnusson

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