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Greetings from Stefan li Rous,

John Ruble wrote:
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> So did they do it? Make a trebuche that could hurl a buick?
> -Ulf

Dave Barry's column is apparently taken loosely, quite loosely, from reports
of a guy in England and his trebuchet. The original article with more detailed
information about the English trebuchet can be found in this file in the
COMBAT section of my Florilegium files:

trebuchet-art     (18K)  4/25/95    Wall Street article on a modern trebuchet.

And yes, they were hurling pianos, pigs and horses and an auto. However,
it was a small British car without the engine.

For those interested in these and other siege engines, you might also be 
interested in this file, also in this section:

siege-engines-msg (81K)  3/19/97    Catapults, trebuchets. Period and modern.

My files can be found at:

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