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Fri Mar 20 18:13:12 PST 1998


The Crown Tournament to choose the Heirs for Their Royal Majesties, Jean
Richard & Gladwen, will be March 27-29th at the Stones of Raven's Fort. Site
opens at 4pm Friday and closes at noon on Sunday.

Site fee is $6, Feast is $6.  Children 6-18 are $3 site $3 feast. Children
under 6 are free all around. Family cap is $30.

Anyone wishing to enter the list, as fighter or consort, *must* bring proof
of membership. Also, please bring an 8" x 11" shield with your device on it.

I still have about 25 feast reservations left. After that we will have a
waiting list.

Feast menu is:
1st remove:  Bread, herbed and flavored butters
                  Potato leek soup

2nd remove: Beouff du Claire (marinated beef brisket)
                  Blanched vegtables, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots

3ed remove: Grilled seasoned chicken leg quarters
                  Saffon rice

4th remove: Cheese, Fresh cut fruits, Cherry tarts w/ cream

let me know about any dietary restrictions....

Schedualed events:
This is in no order right now....

There will be meetings of the Chivalry, the Laurels, the Pelicans, and the
Great Officers at the Crown's pleasure.

We are also having a Kingdom Chroniclers meeting, a Landed B&B lunch, a
Rapier marshalling class, a Chiurgeon's class, Childrens activities, and the
Archery range will be open.

There will be a silent auction to benefit Sir Riccardo's family. Any items
you wish to dontate will be greatfully recieved. Lady Galla Cunningham is
running the auction. Items for bid will be in her pavilion, right by the
list field, for the populace to view.

Other stuff....

If you are merchanting, please tell the Gate Guard when you get there. We
have moved Merchant's row....

Please set up your pavilions  *10 ft.* from the list ropes, to allow for a
good walking area. We will be having our Brute Squa.... I mean, Constables
to "remind" people of this. (and to help y'all set up :) )

A Tavern run by House Lizard Keep will be open! (yippy!). A coffee pavilion
(for donations) will be open in the mornings, run by Micheal of Twin Cedars
(yeah! coffee!)

A B.A.B. (big a** bonfire) and revel will be held on Sat. nite.


Make your best way to Huntsville,Tx.  I-45.  exit Hwy 30 (190) and go east.
Drive through town, and out of town about 5 miles and turn right (south) on
FM 2929. This  T stops after about 4 miles. GO Straight! onto the dirt road.
SCA sign will be there. Site is 1 miles up, on left, past a small bridge.
Any questions?

call me (409) 693-7600
or email dentim at

Ld Timo Kranidious
Crown Steward

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