ANST - Gulf War Clarification

Beth Zimmerman bethzimm at
Sat Mar 21 07:25:02 PST 1998

> Kien wrote:

> Gulf War has always been a tie and I hope it always will be. This
> started with the first war when Trimaris came in small numbers and a
> wise Ansteorran King decided not to gloat or be a sore winner.

> <snipped some great stuff>
> The Trimarans are the most noble enemies I have ever faced. If We are
> lucky and skilled enough to defeat them one year, I know that they will
> simply come back harder and more skilled the next. The winning is in
> the competition. The journey is more important than the destination.

I overheard some of the Trimarian fighters discussing the war. {Yes, I
shamelessly evesdropped} They were talking about how much they enjoyed it, and
enjoyed pitting their skills against Ansteorra and what great fighters we had.
They also mentioned that in years past they had fought wars against other
kingdoms and no one would fight them anymore (sound familair) and how glad they
were that Ansteorra continued to come back each year.  There were comments about
our fighters skill, honor on the field and their chivalry.  Also, about the
strength of their blows!!!

Afrena O'Dunlaing
My heart still swells with pride just thinking about it.

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