ANST - cont. of injury statement.

Maddie Teller-Kook meadhbh at
Sat Mar 21 07:44:36 PST 1998

The lady in question is Mistress Gunnora. Her thumb is healing quite
well. The marshall is Sir Karl de Gangr. I think he got hit with a
ballista bolt. He is doing fine as well.


Beth Zimmerman wrote:
> During the field battle one of our lady fighters (Sorry, didn't catch the name,
> started with a G) had a compound fracture of her left thumb, cause I believe,
> when some heavy footed fighter stepped on it.  One of the marshals was knocked
> out cold during the castle fighting.  Can't remember anymore.
> Afrena O'dunlaing
> Tim Lozos wrote:
> > Yup, Erkane the Fox, Timo's friend tore his medial crucial ligament (knee
> > for those anatomically challenged....shut up....I'm not talking about you,
> > Tuh Tall!)
> >
> > He hasn't gotten in to a follow up orthopoedist yet, but the swelling has
> > gone down considerably.....
> >
> > He is taking full advantage of being incapacitated by having people (me) go
> > shopping for him, wait on him hand and foot, ....wait a minute....I'm
> > ALREADY married...what am I doing?
> >
> > Anybody need a husband?  Eric could definately use a wife!
> >
> > Allyson
> >
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