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<< Greetings,
 I was honored to use Sir Ricardo's sword in the resurrection battle.  I
 it up off the ground and passed it to Duke Kien McEwan when I was finished
 with it.
 I killed 3 trimaern fighters and 1 knight.  This knight had heard the story
 the using of this sword and asked me if I would kill him with it.  He wanted
 to share in the honor of Ricardo's sword.  
 Sir Daffydd Whittaker
 ============================================================ >>

If you'll pardon the AD&D reference, sounds like you've picked up an artifact.

"The Sword of Riccardo".  I like that.  I think it should be preserved.

(I won't go into the goofy details.)

Lord Johann Kiefer Hayden (Paul E. Kiefer, Jr.)
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