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Oscar H. Carmichael croaker at
Sat Mar 21 23:28:27 PST 1998

    I'm glad that all of our fighters were not too badly injured at Gulf War
IV this year, I know that all of you kept me on my feet.  I acted as a
Chirurgeon representative for Ansteorra during the War and yes I had fun
(not for the injuries but for the valor seen on the field).  Most people
approached me at the War and said, "Are you sure your having fun?" and my
true response is YES.  I have worked around the medical field since I was 15
and continue to enjoy helping others.  From all of the fighting that I
witnessed I give a hardy VIVAT to our fighters for the great Chivalry shown
by all. I would like to personally give my thanks to all of the Ansteorrian
Marshals at the War for their assistance during holds.  I have been keeping
up with reports of the injured through the pass couple of days and am glad
that everyone is doing a little fairer.  I also have one shameless plug at
this time, I am holding a Chirurgeon's College at Eldern XX.  If anyone
would like more information please contact me at croaker at  The
class will cover First Aid & CPR.

Always in service to Ansteorra,
Ld. Robert Carmichael, commonly referred to as "Croaker"
Chirurgeon at Large, Nordsteorra

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