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carol s somers elianemn at
Sun Mar 22 06:28:21 PST 1998

I still need to get in touch with the autocrat, but it is nice to know
that we are welcome.  Since we have so many teens, and I am responsible
for all of them, we have been staying with Tyrca in the past because
somehow this good lady seems to have the patience of a saint.  I am sure
you will miss she and her lord as much as the dancers will.

However, this year, I will have some adults with us also, and I believe
since there will be more or us, we may overstretch Tyrca's capacity.  The
adult's in question do smoke, and I realize that is sometimes a problem
with finding crash space, so I will really appreciate anything that can
be done to find them a safe place to crash.  I am probably easiest to
contact via email,(besides it being cheaper than long distance.)

Thanks again!  By the way, those of you who have supported us in
Ansteorra will be pleased to learn that the dancers performed at Queen's
Prize Tourney here in Calontir, and were very well received.  I am so
proud of them, I just had to let you know!!

Lady Eliane
elianemn at

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