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Paul Mitchell pmitchel at
Mon Mar 23 11:43:14 PST 1998

Tim McDaniel wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Mar 1998, Visigoth36 <Visigoth36 at> wrote:
> >  Ashamed I am to admit it, I fought for Trimaris.
> ...
> > I have been in Trimaris for 4 years, so I had to fight
> > with my friends. Sorry all.
> Mixed loyalties, living primarily in one kingdom yet
> fighting for another ... sounds like good period re-creation
> to me.  Nor do I think it dishonorable: plenty of men held
> land of the King of England and of the King of France
> simultaneously, for example, and there were many good and
> honorable men among them.  Didn't William Marshall hold land
> of the King of France, or do I misremember?

You do not misremember.  King John got quite upset when
he proposed invading France to re-take the French territories
he'd lost, only to find that his vassals holding land there
had done homage to Phillip II of France for those lands, and
in France were Phillip's men, not John's.  William Marshal
was one who felt the particular brunt of John's anger, to
little lasting effect.

> Daniel "and fighting against your nearest neighbors is
> *reely* period" de Lincolia

- Galen of Bristol
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