ANST - Looking for some people on the net.

Keith Hood jemuga at
Mon Mar 23 12:49:48 PST 1998

Does anyone know how to contact these people, either by phone or over
the net?

	Sir Kein
	Sir Mahadi
	Sir Corwyn
	Graf Edwin Kirchenbauer (I think I got this name wrong but not sure)
I don't have access to a phone list and need to ask them some questions
about the resurrection battle at the war.  If anyone knows how to
contact them, please email me privately and let me know.  Thanks.


A long bow and a strong bow,
And let the sky grow dark.
The nock to the cord, the shaft to the ear,
And a foreign king for a mark!

      --  Stolen from "The Song of the Bosonian Archers"  --
                by Robert E. Howard, who should be
                  the patron saint of Ansteorra
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